• Enamelled copper jewellery

Naomi Rae by Design

Here at Naomi Rae by Design we offer bold, modern and contemporary designs. All hand crafted, using a mix of sterling silver, reclaimed copper and enamel – something for every occasion!

Our own take on Memorial Jewellery

We also have the privilege of creating a beautiful range of bespoke, hand crafted memorial jewellery that incorporates your loved ones ashes.

I was approached by a friend who had lost a special family member and wanted to do something with their ashes. They had spent hours trawling the internet and could not find what they wanted. Knowing I worked with silver, I was asked if I could help and like that…Naomi Rae by Design memorial jewellery began!

We use fine silver clay and incorporate your loved ones ashes in to the clay. Then fire, to leave behind a beautifully natural texture with the ashes imbedded within the silver. Creating a completely unique piece of jewellery. Perfect for keeping your loved ones close.

  • Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery