About Us

Hi, it's Naomi. I have spent my days surrounded by fabric, creating anything from bespoke wedding dresses, vintage inspired clothing to quirky textiles. My creativity eventually led me into teaching. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of my career, two years ago I wanted a new challenge. I enrolled myself onto a Silversmith course...and so my silver journey began.  

From my workshop based in South Wales I am constantly pushing my creativity, experimenting with bold shapes, colours, patterns and textures. Working with sterling silver, fine silver clay, copper, enamel and the occasional splash of brass. As my curiosity and skills have developed, so has my confidence, becoming bolder in my style… I haven’t looked back since.

The design process for me happens very organically. I like taking a flat sheet of silver or wire and just creating, rarely sketching my designs they just seam to happen, taking on a life of their own.  

I pride myself on using reclaimed copper as much as possible. By repurposing copper pipe to create the base for the Vitreous enamelling, a technique that involves fusing powdered glass to a base of copper or silver. I love taking a piece out of the kiln and watching the colours develop. Due to the nature of the technique and working with reclaimed copper, each piece reacts slightly differently resulting in no two pieces being exactly the same!  

All of my pieces are lovingly handcrafted and I am confident you will find what you are looking for. In the unlikely event you don't, please get in touch, any design can be amended and colours changed to suit you.